About Kitchen 21

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Inspired by the history of Coney Island and the progressive food scene emerging in New York, Kitchen 21 provides an array of fast-casual options, conveniently situated on the boardwalk for easy access.

Built in 1923, the space previously held the famous chain restaurant, Childs Restaurants. Fast forward to 2016, and everything has changed. The building is now a designated New York City landmark, and is adjacent to the new Ford Amphitheater–an outdoor live entertainment venue boasting 5,000 seats. While the building still pays homage to the original architecture, it also features an updated look and feel that reflects the culture of Brooklyn today.

Kitchen 21 provides innovative takes on classic American dishes giving local culinarians, mixologists, beer and winemakers a chance to shine. With an eighty-four foot bar and live entertainment throughout the year, guests can create new experiences each time they visit.